Welcome to Color Character! Our idea is to colour the character of your business.

Color Character is a full-service media company, based internationally, with main presence in London, United Kingdom providing a range of services including Web Design, Brand Design (corporate identity design) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to businesses of all kinds.

We are a group of carefully chosen professionals, each with at least one specific area of expertise, and with overlapping areas of interest covering everything from Web Marketing and Web Design to Branding and CRM Development.

Web Design

We are committed to delivering our best, to make your website the way you envisioned it to be. Whether you need to start from scratch for your web creation or further develop your web design, we are ready to assist you. Our experts in web creation and website design development will only be too pleased to give you free consultation.
Color Character always strives to offer services that are equivalent to top, well-established design businesses. While incorporating creative and innovative new techniques in our website creation and designs, we aim at making our designs classier than the best around, while offering this at the most reasonable price possible.
Our team consists of some of the best professionals in the industry. We are adept in combining the most modern technology in our web designs, enabling your website to stand out from its competitors.
Our team from Color Character is highly experienced in creating, enhancing and maintaining websites. We know how to ensure that you will always get the best out of your website, allowing it to reach its full potential. We are proficient in all types or website designs and are experts and at interlinking those design with the best modern technology has to offer.

Brand Design

  • Color Character calculates the array of visual elements in order to build up your brand’s identity. By skillfully combining words and pictures to accentuate your brands identity.
  • Our team of professionals will help design your business Logo which is a key factor for your web site branding.
  • We will simplify your profile and give it a format that best suits your business’s profile.
  • Our team from Color Character will design your staff uniform, stationary, icons and graphics which are eye catching and best coincide with your brand’s identity.
  • We artistically select the photographic content to keep it concise while portraying your business’s characteristics.
  • We from Color Character will construct a unique combination in the presentation of your templates.
  • Our team from Color Character is experts in brand positioning which plays a more important role than product positioning when it comes to an online brand identity.
  • We will specifically design a scheme to create a unique experience for your potential clients visiting your website that will leave a lasting good impression on them.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engines on the internet provide a means of a 24 x 7 platform to advertise and communicate subsequently, creating marketing opportunities for your website. Our expertise in SEO has helped many businesses, big and small, of all types, rely solely on their search ranks for revenue.

We break our SEO objectives for any project, broadly into:

  1. Traffic Generation
  2. Conversion.

There is one thing all successful websites have in common and that is an extremely high level of internet traffic. Our team is proficient in using SEO techniques to increase your website business’s overall success level.

Our team is skilled in finding and using the most relevant keywords which are related to your business and the services and/ or goods which you are offering your potential clients. We will careful intertwine these keywords into the content of your website, to increase the foot fall of your targeted audience.

As the content of your website is one of the most essential keys, we from Color Character, will manage content for your website, creating it to be specific, informative and relevant, painting a word picture that best describes your brand image and the services and goods provide by your business.