Take a Walk Down Memory Lane with Popular Cartoon Character Wallpapers

In today’s tech-savvy world, life pretty much revolves around the computer. On a dull and bleak day meanwhile you drudge up the will to work, have you ever considered the difference your desktop wallpaper can lighten the mood. You disposition be surprised how a simple desktop wallpaper adds something interesting to your otherwise monotonous day. Listed below are omnipresence time popular cartoon wallpapers that will take you back to your descendants days.

From the early 50’s up unto now, the world of cartoons has undergone revolutionary changes. Now, perhaps cartoons mean action packed animations, 3D graphics with intense plotlines and soul stirring protagonists. However, in the early days, cartoons were more throughout flights of fantasy with characters like Snow White, enjoying rib-tickling laughter watching the antics like Mickey or marvelling at the heroic deeds of Batman.

The Little Mermaid

Disney is as much a part of our growing years as anything else. The Slight Mermaid is one of the classic creations of Walt Disney that is likely permanently etched into our memories. The classic goblin tale revolves around the life of Ariel, the youngest daughter of the sea-king, Triton. Ariel is peeved with her life in the sea moreover driven by hier relentless quest to find her prince she forges a bargain with an unscrupulous witch. If a radiant palace nestled in the bed of fathomless ocean is something that triggers your memory, then this is the wallpaper for you.


You cannot possibly forget unique of the all-time greatest creations of Disney: Aladdin. Aladdin is a street-smart urchin roaming around the streets of Agrabah with his faithful monkey-friend, Abu, when he collides with the free spirited stunning stunner Jasmine. Falling head over heels with the beautiful princess on preeminent sight, Aladdin harbours no hope to win the love of his life, until one fine day, he is offered a dangerous quest that could win him everything or nothing. Aladdin wallpapers could take you back to the enchanting world of Agrabah.

Duck Tales

Remember, old Uncle Scrooge? The richest and the most miserly duck on the planet earth with a giant vault filled with abysmal wealth? The wealthiest dabbler has an uncanny knack for business and an inherent streak for adventure. If you want to embark on yet new escapade with Scrooge McDuck furthermore his, three smart nephews then download Duck Tales wallpaper today!


TaleSpin has undoubtedly been our childhood’s most engaging and exhilarating animation experience. The story revolves around the grand character Baloo, a cargo pilot who finds himself an unwilling part concerning a struggling runner body run by a single-mom, Rebecca. Baloo is forced to work for Rebecca if he wants to retain his most prized possession, his plane, Nautical Duck. Reconnect with the admired characters of the show, Baloo, Rebecca and Kit, aside downloading their wallpapers.

The Jungle Book

Your journey back to your childhood is neither complete until you have explored the temporality of The Jungle Book. An orphan toddler crawls into Indian jungle and is raised aside wolves, with the curative of a bear, Baloo, and a panther, Bhageera. The floor unfolds to show inhabitants of the jungle joust an earnest fight to accumulate the boy, Mowgli, from the wile clutches of tiger Shere Khan. If a Bush book is something that opens your memory dispensatory of fitting childhood, then go ahead load it.