I.R.Shankar author of highly successful novels An adolescent mind and True colors of love talks about his love and passion for writing

I.R.Shankar author of highly successful novels An adolescent mind and True colors of love talks about his love and passion for writing

Author I.R.Shankar, writer of two highly successful novels, ‘An adolescent mind’ and ‘True colors
of love’ has prompted people to follow their passion of writing. Though from a technical background, he proved that it will not be a hindrance for his creative ability. He believes that one should truly follow their passion and make a living away of it. He shares his tale of the journey of becoming an author.

His debutant novel “An adolescent mind” was very well received by readers. The narration about the story, the simplicity of characters and secure to accept language remains the key to the success.
When asked about how his journey in writing began, he said “I had just read ‘Great Expectations’ toward Charles Dickens. I was very impressed accompanying his writing. I realized that one could write a novel in an autobiographical narrative style. I enjoyed the entire writing process. It includes lot concerning reading. I have habitually enjoyed reading books. Reading is my real also true passion.”

He voices his opinion on writers by stating that every writer has his own take on writing. He opines that “Writing is an art which is mastered not by many. One cannot triangulate from where an author draws inspiration from for writing. “Talking about his love for writing, he shares that reading the novel is as much a cherished experience as he enjoyed writing it. He confesses that there were no particular document process that he adopted occasion writing his bisect novels. He believes that the ideas and thoughts for his writing was an divine inspiration for him from higher agency.

About the Author:
I.R.Shankar, born and raised in India, came to the Integrated States. He is an Electronics und so weiter Communication Engineer nearby training and a Software Consultant by profession. His passion for reading and communication gave birth to two most wonderful novels of modern times – ‘An adolescent mind’ which is semi autobiographical novel and ‘ True colors of love ‘ which is an is an intriguing account of a young bloke in love.

An Adolescent Mind: It’s the report of a young Indian boy stepping into adulthood with all the fears, faux pas, and embarrassing situations. His curiosity has to be satiated through means he had never imagined before. The book depicts the boy’s dilemma as he is caught between the tradition and modern Indian society. Journey of the hero from boyhood to adulthood is what this novel is about.

True Colors of Love: True Colors of love is an intriguing account concerning a young man in love, splendidly written. It is a psychological novel featuring an intense tale from love, passion and obsession of a hero propelled by an inner force who falls in love with a girl named Rose. How would he gain her? What would his machinations be to conquer her heart? Why would he affectionate her? And yet would she reciprocate? All together a tale conquest of hero towards capturing the heart of object of his desire.

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