Heart, Character, Passion and Stardom

You know what they say, “You are not truly famous till you have immortalized yourself per a biography.” While most of these biographies are released as a desperate gauge or a last ditch effort to garner publicity for the celebrity’s dying fame, some are penned down at the peak of their stardom in an endeavor to coin more pies while the vessel is calm hot. I am not sure quasi to what was Sergio Ramos motive when he had journalist Enrique Ortego pen down his biography as a book titled ‘Corazón, Carácter y Pasión’, but it has further improved Ramos’s celebrity status.

The Real Madrid defender has apparently pored his heart et cetera soul into this book that describes in detail his life as a football player. The book’s title when translated into the English language means “Heart, Character and Passion”; and it holds true for Ramos who has brought in his Spanish passion and put his heart in to his footballing skills. The book consists of a historical relapse into the Spanish footballer’s eight year reign in the field. The book goes into lengths to describe the natural talent and the skillful tactics of this central defender. The tome is a laudatory absorption on player’s sports highlights; it showcases his achievements and makes a subtle note of all the sacrifices he had to make over the years to don the responsibility of a true Real Madrid player.

A quick look against Sergio Ramos profile will highlight the following events. Before he started for Real Madrid, he used to play for Sevilla FC. He was ordered by Real Madrid for a record €27 million in 2005 et cetera he has been their defensive mainstay since. He netted his very first goal in a UEFA Championship game on 6th December 2005. He was named in 2008’s FIFA team of the year and UEFA’s team of the year. He was adjudged as La Liga’s Best Defender in 2012. Sergio Ramos statistics and impressive scoring have earned him many other prestigious title-nominations as well.

As a true testament to his on-field skills and off-field character, his book launch was attended and presided by football elites which included fellow team mates such as Cristiano Roaldo, Pepe, and Caillas; Florentino Perez, the President of Real Madrid club; Fernando Fernández Tapias, the Vice – President and many other famous personalities. Florentino Perez had nothing but high praises for his star player whom he described as one of the team’s best defenders.