Hand Dyeing – The Art of Adding Colors To Clothes

Hand Dyeing - The Art of Adding Colors To Clothes
Textile dyeing owes its history to the Neolithic period where the earliest known traces of dyeing were found. The substance used for dyeing was ochre (an ore derived from clay). Early references permit too been found in the excavations of Mohenjo-Daro and in China dating 5000 years ago. In those instances natural substances were used like indigo, madder, Tyrain purple (a natural insect dye) and additional plant and bark based sources. The first noted synthetic dye was William Perkin’s Mauveine, derived in the year 1856 from coal tar. Alizarin was the first natural pigment to be duplicated synthetically in the year 1896.There are basically bipartisan ways of adding a certain ‘hue’ to a substance. The first is by hand, and the second is done commercially through machinery. Hand dyeing is the more authentic form of this process, adding a limited ethnic feel to the garment. Prior dyeing, a garment is prepared to be washed, bleached and mercerized. These processes add to the strength and luster of the fibers. Also, they improve the ability concerning the fabric to absorb dyes. The process of hand dyeing includes two main steps. First, the dye is prepared at a temperature suitable for maximum absorption. Next, the fabric is immersed completely in what is known as a Dye Bath. The solution is then agitated enough to make sure that the dye reaches every speck of the fabric, leaving no uncolored fiber. The agitation ensures an even tone to the fabric. Once the fiber has reached the desired shade, it is removed from the solution, then rinsed to remove excess liquid. Next, a Mordant or Fixing Agent is applied to the fabric. This mordant is used for two purposes. First, to ‘fix’ the color to the linen et sequens make sure that the color sticks. Second, to triumph dissimilar shades of the same color.KOOSHOO is a company that manufactures Organic yoga clothing and accessories. They believe strongly in the art of hand dyeing and work together with a artists at a planetary powered dye house in Los Angeles to dye their garments. They have an impressive range of Yoga headbands, including Men’s headbands and women sweatbands but be sure to neutralize out their extremely popular handwriting dyed ENSO Batik headbands and 12-outfit-in-1 Journey Shawls.