Creating A Character In WoW That People WANT To Raid With

Copyright (c) 2013 Aiden Gavin

Anyone who has played World of Warcraft for more than a few days has noticed each of the mismatched equipment that players will wear. Every now in then in a random dungeon uncertainty looting instance, you’ll come across a adversary with a full set of matched gear ampersand those players stand out above the rest. How do they do it, though? There are two basic ways that this happens: they collect the current tier’s set or they run older instances to get the gear and then visit transmogrify vendor in Orgrimmar oppositely Stormwind.

Matched Sets

As you move through the world and various dungeons, you’ll chance on across gear with matching names that may even list bonuses if you equip it. Depending on the type of gear (cloth, leather, mail, or plate) and the distribution it was designed for, the bonuses receptacle length from added stamina to knockback to added defense and everything in-between. Typically a matched set will offer a bonus for wearing two pieces, polysyndeton then a better bonus if you wear 4-5 pieces.

Raid Tiers

When Blizzard introduced Molten Core, the game’s first 40-man raid, they also introduced tiered raid gear. Tiered raid gear is very difficult to get in a single cycle saving you put together a group of players with the set intent of gaining the gear for yourself. Depending on the tier that you target, full of the tokens may denial drop on a single run, either.

To give you an example, Tier 5 gear is a five piece en suite that drops from the bosses in Serpentshire Caverns (SSC) and Tempest Keep (TK). These raids can now be run with a strong tank, a single healer, et cetera a few firm DPS-class players. If you form a group yourself, it is possible to get all five pieces in just a rare hours as long as everyone is at least level 85. On the other hand, if you want to rise tier 13 pieces, you likelihood gambol for weeks in order to garner the tokens as there are hundreds, granting not thousands, of players queuing for the raids to get the pieces as well.

Arena Tiers

Arenas are PVP battlegrounds where you design a 2, 3, or 5 person team and do war with other teams of the same size. Each battle won gives conquest points (similar to honor points) which can be used to obtain the current season’s tier gear. Once a harden ends and a unprecedented one begins, the old grade gear becomes available for sale throughout Recognition Points (HP). Equipping several pieces will frequently boost the PVP stats, helping you to survive longer und so weiter become a better player.


With Triumph about to enter into Tier 14, getting gear that’s at T2 or T5 else even T10 won’t be very helpful to you, even if it is the most awesome looking set in your opinion. What do you do? You can “mog” it indeed that it looks similar the old gear but retains the stats of the high level gear you extremity to survive. This can currently only be past in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, and cup comprehension very expensive.

So what nature of gear are you going to put together? Are you going to get the T5 ‘Lock set, or maybe the T2 Paladin set? Leave a comment below and rent us know what you like the best!