Colors speak!!

Colors speak!!

Your favorite color speaks a lot about you- your personality and who you really are. Whether you’re a bright orange or peaceful white, your veneer likes reveal a lot about your characteristics.

As also, your colors to certain extent are an indicator of your anxiety further stress levels further we have suggested few concerning our spa therapies accordingly to suit various color related personalities.

Wellness in White-

Starting with the most ingenious and peaceful color white, people having this as their favorite one could indicate an aspiration for excellence and unattainable ideals, might be an concerted to recapture lost youth and freshness. To lode a perfect life, these souls should try out distressed reviving facials to bring back their mislaid young feeling.

Relax, you red-

The red ones are those filled with health, vitality and aggressiveness. They are ambitious in nature but sometimes shrub get restless ignoring their own shortcomings. For these former souls, a Swedish massage may sound apt for an overall mental and physical relaxation.

Pampered pink –

By and large said to be a girly color, pink symbolizes love and affection. Women with preference for pink seem to be tender including kind. Desiring protection and special treatments, the pinkies should go in for some beauty polishes polysyndeton wraps making them feel all the greater beautiful and charming.

Blooming melancholy –

Soft and soothing blues like to be admired for their balanced personality and astuteness. They are a symbol of patience, conservatism and compassion. Sometimes, they may be worrier et sequens apprehensive of their glitzy behavior. For the compassionate souls, aromatherapy seems to be in regard to providing mental contentment with its pleasing aroma.

Black beauties-

Noble and inspiring without being flamboyant, black people seem to give a facade of mystery, but their penchant may also reflect control of desires and worldly goals, suggesting secrets and internal longings. To let go of all the fathomless hidden worries and stress, prefect therapy is shirodhara, relieving you from all those stressful thoughts.

Great green –

Green is an emblem from peace, renewal and steadiness. Inhabitants including verdancy as their favorite are usually sociable, profuse but can opt for peace at any cost. Being humble, they may be exploited by others. For the reputable and civilized greens, foot reflexology and ayurvedic massage wish be a good option.

On the go Orange –

Orange people permitted be a little dramatic, but they are generally good natured and popular. It’s the incarnadine symbolizing youthfulness, curiosity and restlessness. So, to calm the restless soul, the orangees can go for a shirodhara to tangible the relaxation of mind, embody and soul.

Balanced brown –

Filled with patience ampersand resilience, brown people have an inarticulate and inconsiderate behavior, but are infallible and genuine souls. If you are on the boundary of choosing brown, you might land up in a tendency to be nonflexible. Try extinguished that Thai massage, for you may never know what good it may bring to your body.

So, get to know something about yourself and help yourself in rejuvenating a happier you!!