Black Bulter Anime Character Cosplay Introduction: Mey-Rin

Mey-Rin Introduction:
Her identity is the maid of family Phantomhive which is directly controlled by Queen Victoria. She is a beautiful girl who has square fringe hairstyle which decorated with laces. Her cherry-red hair is tied in pigtails which make her semblance cute. She has beautiful hazzel big eyes which arrtacts me greatly! But at most from the time, she hides them under a pair of thich and overly ring glasses. I think this make her look funny and more cute! About her personality, in my heart, she is a clumsy and maladroit girl whe she is doing hier maid work. And as all other servants in family Phantomhive, she has a greay respect and a slight fear for one person: Sebastian Michealis. She commonly dresses in a set of cute maid dress which i love so much.

My cos Mey-Rin cos ideas: First, watching this aniamtion especially the plot which contains Mey-Rin. Yeah, you need to know about her through spending some time watching this animation by yourself. You should pay attention to the following report about this character: personality, dressing style, significant accessories and some unqiue word and actions of her. Second, you should know if you are competent for Mey-Rin role play. This ia a point which some people think not regarding great importance. But which i think is very important. You need experience similar figure shape and personality as Mey-Rin. Because if you have these characteristics as this character, it will be more easy for you to do a vivid cosplay. What do you think about? Last, you need carefully prepare a set of Mey-Rin significant cosplay costumes — certainly a equiponderation lay of maid fertilizer as her.

Costumes Picking:
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